About Us

At Debt Help Scotland we understand how hard it is when you’re trying to take control of your debts.

That’s why we work alongside Payplan Ltd and Payplan Financial Services Ltd to help residents of Scotland to get the information and support they need to get debt-free.

Payplan Ltd are well-established in providing debt solutions, while Payplan Financial Services Ltd provide personal assistance for regulated financial products including equity release, secured loans, and mortgages that can be used as part of a debt strategy that can help clear your debts.

Debt solutions covered on the Debt Help Scotland website include:

Trust Deed, Sequestration, Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS), Low Income, Low Assets (LILA), Buy-To-Let Mortgage, Bridging Loan, Remortgage, Debt Management Plan, Full & Final Settlement, Self-Managed Arrangement, Equity Release, Debt Consolidation Loan.

A number of these debt solutions will be suitable for your personal circumstances, others less so.

Browse through the Debt Help Scotland website – and as soon as you’re ready, call us FREE on 0800 980 4123, and speak to a friendly adviser who will explain more about debt solutions or debt strategies that could benefit your own personal circumstances.

Or use the online enquiry form and we’ll arrange for someone to call you back as soon as possible.